Friday, 1 July 2011

White Lie

So the other day I was asked about the last time I wet myself.   I distinctly remember a time I made up what I considered to be a genius lie to hide it.  It was on a SUNNY day in year three of primary school.  The last lesson of the day was P.E and so I was in my tracksuit bottoms waiting for the teacher to shut up and send us home.  She just wouldn’t shut up and yes, I wet myself.  Stupidly thinking my mother wouldn’t notice (that the SUN would dry it within 5minutes) I walked out of school casually with dampened tracksuit bottoms and greeted her.  She took me to the side and asked me why my tracksuit was wet and I simply replied “because it was RAINING”.


  1. LOL! Aww.. =P
    Btw Sonia told me about this before =P We were literally wetting ourselves over the phone when she was telling me!