Thursday, 30 June 2011


I am thankful and privileged to have been blessed with a Nan I have been brought up with and who I am close to.  These are just a few things which make me smile in her company:

Her Food
Is SO good sometimes I think my Nan should open her own restaurant.  Although, it would definitely have to be called something along the lines of “You better try everything I’ve made for you or I WILL force feed you until you’re full to the top of your oesophagus.”

Her Phrases
When trying to discipline; “No Hanky Panky please”
Whenever you make a mistake; “Is this how you’re going to act when you’re married?”
When you have visitors that you only see every ten years “You two are both girls, make ‘friends friends’ with her, she is only a decade younger than you”

Her Good Advice
I’ve been told to “Squeeze your nose everyday when you wake up, it’ll get smaller” and learnt that 7Up is the cure to everything :)


  1. Ok LOL! The 7Up thing is sooo true!!! Well ok maybe its not actually true but I mean all nans tell us that it is! =P