Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I’m Tall?

Ever got annoyed with someone for stating the obvious?  How about when you haven’t seen an ‘Aunty’ since you were born and they say “haven’t you grown?”  In Asian culture, anything over the height of 5ft is considered tall, so being a 5ft8 Asian female never fails to bring up a conversation with anyone I haven’t seen for a while. 
At a wedding; “Wow, I like your clothes, what material is it made from?”
 “Wow, your hair looks nice with that random gingery blonde mehndi (henna) stained streak”
And to me... “Woah!  Are you wearing heels?  No?!  What are you like 7ft?  You're tall!” 

Thank you, I didn’t know already.  Sometimes I’ve considered with stating the obvious myself; “Aunty-jee, is that hairy mole on your face new?  It really brings out the colour in your eyes.” 


  1. glad you're enjoying these :) im jealous of your popularity on here :p

  2. Lol I think its hilarious! And they'r so true as well =]
    And what??!! =P Lol i'm sure you'l get loads of followers soon =]

  3. Thankyou, im not surprised at your popularity though, the photography looks so professional!

  4. Aww that's sweet of you to say.... considering I use a Pakistan bought 6 megapixel camera for all my pics! =P
    And trust me, keep up this blog and i'm pretty sure you'l become famous one day =] Seriously your actually hilarious and even though i'v never met you, I think your a super cool person =]

  5. lol it's all about the skill though :p thank you :)