Monday, 27 June 2011

Maintaining Youthful Beauty

As it is finally becoming sunnier in this country I advise you all not to squint unless you want crow’s feet.  How about investing in some sunglasses?  In addition, do not let your eyebrows sink or be stretched too far up your face.  It’s not nice to have a constantly surprised look upon your face which also contributes to premature grooves in your forehead neither is it nice to not know where your eyebrows finish and eyelashes start.  So keep a balance. We are in the era of texting late at night, and I have found that as I am slowly falling asleep, I tend to only open one eye in order to read and reply.  A good idea, but be sure not to overuse one particular eye for keeping open or you may find that over time that eye may become bigger than the other.  Finally, to those with thin lips, start pouting in order to encourage lip growth.

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